“I’m making sales from Facebook for real.”


Social Media in 2018 is an established marketing channel that should not be ignored. NY Web Consulting has deep experience helping NY businesses establish and build their social media presence.

Facebook currently has close to 2 billions active users. Over 1 billion of those users return every day to check their friends’ status posts.  While Facebook is not necessarily where customers go to find your business, they certainly talk about it there. Facebook is a great media to build brand familiarity.

Users may not directly buy from your site from Facebook but they will remember your brand if they see it there often and see their friends talking about it.  We’ll help you get set up on Facebook, Yelp, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc..

We help take business to the next level with digital marketing solutions based on smart strategies.

NY Web Consulting Social Media Services


Free Listing Page Setup

We will set up your Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram, Youtube accounts and importantly extend the style of your brand / website to your social media accounts.

Pay Per Click Campaign Setup

NY Web Consulting are PPC experts, we will set up your campaigns and get you started to do it yourself or we will manage your PPC campaigns for professional results.

Keyword Analysis and Optimization

Knowing the best keywords for your business not only helps your SEO it also keeps your social media campaigns focused for optimum results.

Target Ads to Geographical and Social Demographics

Yes, you’ve noticed how the big companies seem to know what you are interested in by displaying ads related to your tastes. You can employ similar strategies.

Fan Page Setup and Directory Listing Acquisition

We will set up your Fan pages with your brands style and list your fan pages and websites in authoritative directories that will help your search engine rankings.

Content Management and Periodic Updates

NY Consulting will manage your social media accounts and keep them fresh with periodic updates that will keep your users coming back for more.

Are you ready to learn how NY Web Consulting can help grow your business?