“Finally good ROI on Google AdWords”


Google AdWords is currently the most effective form of Internet marketing. NY Web Consulting will help you run successful AdWord campaigns.

Businesses large and small use AdWords to as a launchpad for sustainable business growth.  NY Web Consulting can help your business begin an AdWords campaign or manage your existing campaign to improve results and slash costs.

Our PPC team is a highly experienced  we combine creativity with proven scientific conversion tools to generate successful PPC campaigns for small to mid-sized businesses around the world.

We help take business to the next level with digital marketing solutions based on smart strategies.

Google AdWords (PPC)


Campaign Set Up

NY Web Consulting are PPC experts, we will set up your campaigns and get you started to do it yourself or we will manage your PPC campaigns for professional results.

Keyword Analysis and Optimization

Knowing the best keywords for your business not only helps your SEO it also keeps your social media campaigns focused for optimum results.

Target Ads to Geographical and Social Demographics

Yes, you’ve noticed how the big companies seem to know what you are interested in by displaying ads related to your tastes. You can employ similar strategies.

Website Analytics

We will install and configure Google Analytics and most importantly we will teach you the basics of understanding the data and how to make actionable decisions based on the data.

Integrate Adwords with Google Maps

NY Web Consulting will integrate your Google AdWord campaigns with Google maps.

Google Display Network integration

NY Web Consulting will place your Google Adword campains on the Google Display Network including YouTube, Google TV.

Are you ready to learn how NY Web Consulting can help grow your business?