We started building web sites in the mid 1990’s when the Internet was new and upcoming. After selling our first Internet Consulting Firm and venturing into other forms of online technology, we identified the need for local businesses to integrate online marketing into their overall business marketing plans. Our goal is to help local businesses get online, get favorable search results on Google and other search engines and run effective online marketing campaigns that produce results.

Our clients include:

  • - Local businesses, shops and service providers
  • - Some of New York’s finest, most popular restaurants
  • - Home based businesses
  • - Artists and freelancers
  • - NY State Government Agencies
  • - The Northeast’s largest vending machine service provider
  • - Global technology product manufacturers

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing A Web Designer

  • Hire an intelligent relative,  who has their best interest in mind, but just doesn’t have the experience to produce results.
  • NY Web Consulting Use a build it yourself web site, resulting in an incomplete web site, poor search results and a monthly recurring expense.
  • NY Web Consulting Purchase an all in one plan, their site and domain technically remain property of the web designer and the business is
    handcuffed for a monthly fee.
  • NY Web Consulting Hire a online web design firm, who outsources your project to India and Eastern Europe.

Why Choose NY Web Consulting?

  • Experience – We have Computer Science Degrees and over 30 years of combined experience in technology and business management.
  • Business Management – Your project’s goals will be in line with your business goals.  We do not sell bells and whistles, we consult with you and design your site to achieve your goals.
  • Technology – We are educated in the latest in Internet and software programming technology.  We use the best tools to design your site and do extensive testing on your site prior to launch to ensure it will work on all computers, tablets and phones